This picture says it all: I am one happy and blessed manufacturer showing off my beloved product…etchall®. I am better known as Barbee, after the bee in our logo. You may call me anything you like, as long as you call for etchall®, the #1 glass and mirror etching product in the world!

Thanks to my design team of Master Etchers and Ambassadors, we have been able to promote etching in the industries of stained glass, beading, decorative painting, and scrapbooking. We attend shows such as CHA, Creative Painting, SDP and others. Through these endeavors, we educate young and old alike in all 50 states and throughout Europe and Asia, including an etchall® school in Thailand. As I told a reporter in Japan, my goal is to have a jar of etchall® in every home in the world!

B&B etchall® tithes to Gamelife ( ministry, so when you buy etchall®, you are helping to spread God’s word to young people around the world. June proceeds will go towards a mission trip to Nepal.

Contact me at or call 623-933-4567 if you would like to become a Master Etcher or Ambassador. Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest so you never miss an update!