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SUPPLIES NEEDED:  Pattern, graphite paper, etchmask™ vinyl, etchall® squeegee, swivel knife, and detail pick knife. For your first project, it is recommended that you choose an open pattern without fine lines or details.

1. Apply the etchmask™ vinyl onto the item to be etched with the squeegee.

2. Place a piece of graphite paper on top of the etchmask™ and place your pattern over the graphite paper and carefully trace over the lines of the pattern. Use a different colored pen or pencil than the lines of your pattern so you can see what you’ve traced.

3. Using the etchall® swivel knife, cut toward the design by tracing the knife around the edges of the pattern.

4. Hold the knife straight up and down using only the tip. You do not have to press hard! A firm touch is all that is required for a clean cut. Place wrist on table for stability.

5. Cut an entire piece without lifting the blade all in one motion, so that you avoid little “tails” caused by starting and stopping.

6. Using a detail pick, pierce the center of a piece and slowly peel out. For best results, only pick one piece at a time, making adjustments to the cut of the next piece as needed. Continue picking until the entire pattern is removed.

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