Glass Etching is an erosion on the surface of glass to create a permanent design or an over all etch. Etching goes back to the early 1800’s. At that time, wax was used as a resist and hydrofluoric acid (a very dangerous chemical) was used to etch the glass. In 1933, over a hundred years later, two chemists came up with a magical “one of a kind” formula called ETCHALL®.

I would like to dedicate this website to my mentor of twenty years, Lennie Johnston. His love of chemistry made the formulas for etchall® etching crème and etchall® liquid. I had the privilege of naming the liquid, dip ‘n etch. I owe Lennie a great deal of thanks and appreciation for the many hours he spent working and then teaching me the art of glass etching and entrusting to me his wonderful product… etchall®. Lennie said, “You sell it and I’ll make it”. As production got larger, Lenny sold B&B Products, Inc. exclusive rights rights to etchall … “Miracle etching formula”. B&B Etching Products, Inc. was founded in 1974.

B&B etchall® etching products are now sold worldwide. We have gone from etching small glass ashtrays to having etched glass surfaces on the moon, etched light bulbs in the Disneyland Electric Parade, etched solar panels in Japan and there is even an etching school in Thailand.

It truly is a “magical product” that has NO limits.