etchall® etching crème

etchall® etching crème
etchall etching creme all sizes

etchall® etching crème is a re-usable crème that produces a white opaque, permanent etched finish on glass, mirror, ceramic, porcelain, marble and slate.

The Art and Craft Material Institute has approved etchall® etching creme to be used by children 12 years and older, children under 12 years can use etchall under the supervision of their parents. It conforms to ASTM-D4236.

  • Re-usable: Yes
  • Disposal: When disposing the etchall® etching crème, flush with plenty of water neutralized with baking soda. This way it will not harm the plumbing.
  • Caution: etchall® etching crème will etch porcelain or ceramic sinks.



Price: from $20.99


Etchall etching crème enables you to etch objects made of glass, mirror, porcelain, ceramic, marble and slate. Etchall etching crème evenly etches on large as well as small, detailed areas. Remember, etching crème will permanently etch/spot all glazed surfaces almost immediately so avoid letting crème touch any area you do not want to etch, including porcelain sinks.

etchall cremem Step 1. Clean glass or mirror surface. Dry with lint-free paper towel or cloth.
Step 2 Step 2. There are a large variety of self-sticking stencils available at your local craft stores.  Create your own original stencil using the etchall etchmask and the etchall swivel knife. There are multiple cutting machines available (Spellbinder, Silhouette, Cricut, etc) or you can apply a store purchased adhesive stencil. Follow directions on the stencil package to apply stencil.  Use an etchall squeegee to rub down the stencil edges and to remove any air bubbles. Be sure that all areas of glass, not to be etched, are covered with self adhesive paper, resist gel or etchall etchmask.
Step 3
Step 3b
Step 3. Apply a heavy coat of etchall etching crème to area of stencil where glass is not exposed. Pouring the crème directly onto the glass could cause irregular etching; the same effect as throwing a stone in a pond creates ripples on the water, pouring the crème directly on the glass could cause it to etch in a ripple-style pattern.
Step 4 Step 4. Using the etchall squeegee, pull crème over entire area to be etched all at once. Gently pull the crème with the etchall squeegee as if you are icing a cake. Do not use a brush, since brushes do not distribute the crème thickly enough or evenly enough and may cause streaking.
Step 6 Step 5. Leave crème on design for 15 minutes.Step 6. After time has elapsed, use the squeegee to return majority of crème to etchall container to be re-used.Step 7. Rinse etched surface well with water to remove any remaining crème.Step 8. Remove stencil under warm running water and dry. Your design is permanently etched.