etchall etching creme all sizes

etchall® etching crème: The #1 chemical etching crème, used by spreading over a specific area on glass, mirror, marble, slate, or ceramic glaze, similar to icing a cake. Recognize from afar by the green lettering on the bottle! Sold in three sizes: 4oz, 16oz, and 32oz.



etchall dip n etch all sizes
etchall® dip ‘n etch: Liquid etching product with the consistency of water, used for creating an overall etch by “dipping” the glass, mirror, marble, slate, or glazed ceramic object. Look for the blue lettering on the bottle!Sold in three sizes: 4oz, 16oz, and 32oz. It is especially important to order enough for your whole project, so contact B&B if you’re not sure how much you need!



Gold-off®: Used to removed fired gold, purple stains, fired lusters, mother of pearl, fired platinum, china paint, and fired palladium from ceramics.





etchall® Resist Gel: A water-based gel that acts as a resist between glass and the etching crème or dip, enabling you to draw your own unique designs. Also may be used with plastic stencils.




combopaketchmask™: Glossy adhesive vinyl used for creating stencils for use with etching crème and dip ‘n etch. Compatible with all digital craft cutters and can also be cut manually with the swivel knife. Sold in two sizes: 9 x 15” (8 sheets) and 12 x 15” (6 sheets) and recognizable by its bright yellow color.

etchmask™ Transfer Sheet: High-tack paper used to hold the etchmask™ stencil together when peeling and applying to a surface. Comes in off-white 9” x 12” sheets.

etchmask™ Stencil ComboPak: 4 sheets of vinyl and 5 transfer sheets together in one pack!

etchall® Cut/Pick Knife: Used to remove a portion of the stencil in order to expose the surface to be etched. This knife can also be used to cut a stencil or remove small areas leftover when using the swivel knife.

TOOL-tipkit-siloetchall® Designer Tip Kit: Used to draw a design with crème or resist gel directly onto a glass object much the same way you would use an icing tube to decorate a cake. Kit includes three tips (small, medium, large), two empty 1oz bottles, and two caps and locks.



detail pick for vinyl stencilsetchall® Detail Pick Tool: A metal instrument with a small thin needle tip used for removing small intricate and hard to reach areas of your stencil; especially helpful for stencil letters and works for larger areas as well.



etchall® Knife Combo: All the great etchall® cutting and picking tools combined in a plastic carrying case. Includes cut/pick knife, swivel knife, and two swivel knife replacement blades.


etchall plastic squeegee glass etching

etchall® Squeegee: Flexible t-shaped plastic tool used for applying stencils and spreading etchall® etching crème.




etchall swivel knifeetchall® Swivel Knife: Blade that rotates 360° allowing you to easily cut out stencils from etchmask™ vinyl or any self-adhesive paper or vinyl. Makes it easy to cut curves, circles, and round shapes within a stencil pattern. Pack of replacement blades (2) sold separately.



etchall tweezersetchall® Tweezers: Use to pull up small detailed pieces of a stencil, such as letters, or to keep stencils down in intricate picking areas while pulling up fine details. Ideal for use in conjunction with the cut/pick knife and detail pick.