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A Simple Spring Vase


A Simple Spring Vase


Patricia Sepp
September 23, 2022


10” This cute little vase is a simple, colorful decoration for Spring. I got the vase from the Dollar Store. You can also find them in thrift stores. I like the fluted edge at the top.

Wash the glass vase with soap and water and let dry. Prior to etching wipe down the etched area with some rubbing alcohol to remove any oils from the glass. Pour some Etchall® creme in a small container or large lid, then put the sponge into the creme. (Note: some sponges are very dense and do not have a lot of open spaces. I like to use a sea sponge which can be found in craft stores.)

Tap the sponge up and down very lightly to give it a lace-like look. Do not go back and forth or it will not have the lace effect. The holes in the sponge will leave some of the glass unetched. Stop below the top of the fluted area at the top of the vase. (See Photo #1 below.)

Leave on for 15 minutes, then remove the extra creme and replace back into container. Remember, it is reusable! Rinse off the rest of the Etchall® creme in a non-porous sink. Dry the vase.

Paint the bottom with whatever color you’d like. I used a light blue. It gives the vase a small glow of the blue. Then I painted freehand some small flowers on the face of this vase. Use whatever spring colors you like for these floweres. Finally, I chose a blue ribbon to tie below the fluted top.

Add to the vase real flowers of your choice or pretty artificial flowers as in my photo.


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