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 Etched Bathroom Scales

Designer: Patty Sepp

October, 2022

As the holidays approach, we think of all the good food and treats that we enjoy with family and friends.  Many of us hate to get on the scale and weigh ourselves.  So my project this month has been to prepare us for “THAT” moment of stepping on that bathroom scale.

I was in our bathroom and discovered an item that I could etch…our glass bathroom scale!  My plan was to etch a simple design to catch your eye and make you smile.

Since we step on the glass and who knows what is on the bottom of our feet that would stay there, I would etch the design on the opposite side.  I placed a white garbage bag beneath the glass for protection from the furniture while etching.

There are actually 2 parts of this scale.  The bottom metal part that displays the weight and a glass scale cover which is detachable.  I removed the glass part to etch.

Here are the steps I used

Step 1

Made my stencil on a silhouette machine. I mirrored the design and then placed it on the back side of the glass.  (It’s hard to see which side is front or back, but I labeled the top and bottom on the front, so the words TOP and BOTTOM in a Sharpie are a hint that we are on the back side of the glass.)

Step 2

With the squeegee I went over the design to make sure there were no bubbles in the vinyl for the Etchall creme to seep under.

Step 3

Using the Etchall creme I quickly covered the design.

Step 4

After covering the whole design, I let it sit for 15 minutes.

Step 5

After the 15 minutes, I removed the creme and put it back into the container.(Remember Etchall creme is reusable!)

Step 6

Once the creme is off the design, I rinsed the glass in a non-porcelain sink.

Step 7

I removed the vinyl, cleaned the glass, and put it onto the metal scale. This is placed over a blue bath mat. Voila! Hope I made you smile! Enjoy your holidays!

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