Mrs. Barbara, Thank you for your act of kindness to two random strangers in Hobby Lobby. We did get married April 30th, 2017 and your etching to the glass for the sand ceremony was absolutely fabulous. The pictures are still pending but I could not wait as soon as we got back to the USA to tell you THANK YOU for taking the time to bless our lives. I have included a gift for you – a magnet, so you will always remember the lives you blessed by your amazing heart. Lots of Love, Sasha & Luckson

Bride & Groom

Hi Barbee, Thank you so much for taking your time to talk with me about your Etchall products. As I mentioned, I took the class offered at the SDP Convention in St. Charles, Illinois a few weeks ago and fell in love with the product. Also, Vicky Alley was simply a great teacher, great personality and very knowledgeable of what she was instructing. I came away from that class with my mind spinning into many directions thinking of all the possibilities ahead. J We are going to Orlando, Florida in late November into early December and I may look her up for a day; I’d love to see more of her work. That convention was the very first one I attended and I loved every minute I was there and all the classes I attended. However, the etching class was the “only” project I left Illinois with that was finished! I live in a very rural area here in central Pennsylvania and Chapters are located too far away for me to attend, so I wasn’t sure if I’d even stand a chance of looking like I had any artistic skills at all compared to what I have seen in the Decorative Painter for the past 15-years. I do hope the Etchall product and class is brought back to the 2016 Convention. I hope to attend again since that location is a win-win for my husband and me; his son lives only about 45 minutes away from St. Charles and they were able to hang out together and I went to classes! Have a great day. Donna


I’m in love! Just finished using the Etchall crème and, needless to say, I am completely addicted! Not that I doubted you, but of course, I had to see if for myself. It is so easy to use and the end result is unmatched! You have just made my life a whole lot easier. I look forward to trying the dip ‘n etch soon. Renee Tortorella

Artist, Reocurring Hope Inspirational Jewelry

I love etching crème. Brush it on, wash it off, and admire. It’s the Clairol hair color rinse of the glass world, transforming glass into all that it can be. Etching crème works by eating away the top surface of the glass just enough to leave a nice frosty image on clear glass. You see it on everything from wine glasses and vases to entry doors. It is not a deep etch like you get from sandblasting. Lucky for us, however, the dichroic coasting isn’t very thick, and etching crème will etch right through it to the base glass underneath. There are lots of creams on the market. Some work quickly; some work slowly. My favorite is etchall® Etching Crème. It has a nice, smooth consistency and isn’t aggressively fast. The speed of the etching crème isn’t really a concern when working with vinyl resist or the Mad Craft Skills resist film that we’re using for this technique. I also do a lot of etching using rubber stamp ink, however, and have learned that if you’re not super vigilant when using the faster creams, you will end up with sad little squares of black glass robbed of all their dichroic magic. Carmen Flores Tanis

Glass Artist

I got my first bottle of etchall because the overly nice realtor that sold us our house gave us the upgrade of glass doors on our pantry. I am not very neat and was embarrassed by having any one able to see my mess. It came out great and that is all anybody can see: wonderful stencil work. Through the years I have found you can find very inexpensive glass plates and once they are coated with etchall you can paint on them and the regular paint works. I don’t have to buy something else that I might not use again so the etchall saves me money and it never goes bad. It might turn dark but it works again and again. It is one of my favorite products, something that does what it is supposed to do. I love it! Barbara, you have put out a product that is great. I don’t understand why everybody doesn’t have it, it is so simple to use and you can rely on it. There are no slip ups. It works over and over… Sondra Saxsenmeier

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how pleased I am with your product. It’s the only product that really does the job correctly. I’ll be a customer forever. Thanks for all your help! Tom Gronwall

The Jewelweaver

The members of the Foothills Decorative Painters wish to thank you for the generous donation of etching supplies to etch and paint wine glasses for the Greenville Hart Assoc. for their Gala in Feb. We found the products easy to use use, and no odor. The results were fantastic! Thank you again. Helen Gerich

Sec., Foothills Decorative Painters, Foothills Decorative Painters

I am impressed with etchall because it provides a safer alternative to using traditional acids for etching glass. Also, with etchall I can avoid the dust associated with abrasive blasting. Thanks for a great product! K. M.

Thank you for the generous gift of etchall products. I tried Dip ‘n Etch on two hanks of beads. Seed beads only come matte in size 11º. Size 10º is needed to fit over a head pin in jewelry making. I showed to my Guild. They were as impressed as I was. You have a wonderful product! I hope I can be of service to you in the future. Thanks again. God bless, Lu Christoph S.C.D.

Jewelry Crafter, Slightly Off Kilter

I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for sending the Dip ‘n Etch. I tried it as soon as I could. It was so easy to use and what a difference in the look of the bead strand! I look forward to working with you in the future. Sincerely, Carole Haines

I work in enamel and cast glass as an artist making fine jewelry. I had the need to dissolve glass from metal to correct unsatisfactory applications of enamel or to etch the glass of completely in order to start on the part. I purchased your Dip ‘n Etch for the stated purpose which was to create a frosted appearance on glass. Instead of turning to hydrofluoric acid which dissolves glass, fearing the toxicity, I looked for an alternative. I tried Dip ‘n Etch thinking that if it would frost glass, if I kept it long enough it would continue to dissolve it further. I put a small part with enamel on it in a plastic bowl of dip ‘n etch and found that it ate the glass of the part within a day or so. I was very pleased and think that your product could used by enamelists to correct mistakes and since it does not harm the metal or solder, it is a perfect compromise to the dangerous acid. Thank you for wonderful product. Best regards, Michael Pangrazio

I just wanted to thank you fro all you have contributed to my life. Found myself thinking about lots today as I finally got around to etching some clear glass ornaments have had had since we were working together. Still get the same rush washing off the cream seeing that once again it worked! Don’t know for sure how I am finishing them but I sure had fun sponging them! Love, Karla

Hello Ms. Barbee! I just tried my etching kit and all I can say is…OMG!!!!!!! This is so easy, so much fun, and once you’ve tried it you’ll fall in love with it!!!! Thank you so much for introducing me to it. Cathy B.


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