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B&B Etching Products, Inc. – Company name, manufacturer of etchall®.

Bee – The mascot for etchall®, a “honey” of a crème. The etchall® bees were illustrated and licensed from the fantastic Annie Lang.

etchall® Brand name of etching products. Always printed lower case!

Etch – Erosion of a glossy surface to create a matte finish. etchall® works by removing the glossy surface off of glass, mirror, marble, slate, and porcelain, creating a white, matte surface that is textured but still smooth.

  • Positive Etch – Design is etched while the background remains glossy. Create by picking out the design from the stencil, then applying etching crème over the stencil.
  • Negative Etch – Background is etched while the design remains glossy. Create by removing the background from the stencil and leaving just the design, then apply crème to the whole surface or submerge in dip ‘n etch.

Digital Craft Cutter Computer hardware similar to a printer, used for cutting designs and patterns from your computer or scanned drawings. Use with etchall® etchmask to cut your own adhesive vinyl stencils for etching.

Embossing – The creation of a raised image or design by applying embossing powder to wet ink, then heating, which causes the powder to rise. Can be used on top of etching or the embossed design can be used as a resist.

Picking – Remove parts of design to be etched with the use of the etchall® pick tool. Also known as “weeding”.

Pouncing – Using the side of squeegee gently pressing on top of crème to release air bubbles between crème and glass.


Stippling – Quick up and down motion used in texturizing, as forming a series of small dots.

Texturizing – Applying the crème with a plastic sponge, similar to sponge-painting, to create an etching texture similar to snow or lace. Gives a distinctive look of lights and darks.


Upcycling – Converting inexpensive materials into objects of a higher value. For example, turning an empty wine bottle into a beautiful lamp or candle holder. etchall® is perfect for upcycling, as it allows you to add elegant custom designs and texture to what would normally be throwaway glass.

VIN – Vehicle Identification Number, the unique code that identifies a vehicle. Etching the VIN onto your car windows discourages vehicle theft and reselling of stolen vehicles/vehicle parts, increases the chance of a stolen vehicle being recovered, and in some states may make the vehicle eligible for an insurance rate deduction.

well good bad

Well – Cupping the edges around stencil to keep crème from running off on a rounded or vertical surface.









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