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Goldoff® has been used with ceramics since 1933 to remove purple stains from fired ceramics. Goldoff is perfect for removing fired gold, purple stains, fired lusters, mother of pearl, fired platinum, china paint, and fired palladium.

etchall® reposition/reuse stencil spray


Introducing the “etchall® reposition/reuse stencil spray”! Makes any stencil reusable for etching with etchall® etching creme. Simply Spray, Apply, and Etch! After etching, both your etchall® creme and stencil can be used to etch another day!

etchall® Designer Tip Kit


The etchall® Designer Tip Kit includes:

  • three tips (small, medium, large)
  • two empty 1 oz bottle
  • two caps and locks

The etchall® designer tips can be used with etchall® etching crème and etchall® resist gel.

etchall® Knife Combo


The etchall® knife combo contains:

  • stencil cut/pick knife
  • etchall swivel knife
  • 2 swivel knife replacement blades

All the great etchall® stencil tools combined in a plastic carrying case.

etchall® Stencil Cut/Pick Knife


The etchall® stencil cut/pick knife is used to remove a portion of the stencil in order to expose the surface to be etched. This process is known as picking or weeding because you selectively remove sections of the stencil.

This knife can also be used to cut a stencil or remove small areas left when using the swivel knife.

etchall® Swivel Knife & Replacement Blades

$3.99 – $10.99

he etchall® swivel knife has a blade that rotates 360° allowing you to easily cut out stencils from etchall® etchmask or any self-adhesive paper or vinyl.

The etchall® swivel knife makes it easy to cut curves, circles, and round shapes within a stencil pattern. By using an etchall® swivel knife, you ensure that your stencil edges will be smooth and sharp. Hold the etchall® swivel knife vertically so that you only use the tip of the knife to cut out the design.

etchall® Tweezers


Etchall tweezers are ideal for use in conjunction with etchall stencil pick knife and etchall detail pick tool.

Use etchall tweezers to pull up small detailed pieces of a stencil or use to keep stencils down in intricate picking areas while pulling up fine details.

Rub’ n Buff Wax Finish


Rub ‘n buff is a wax base metallic finish that is formulated from imported carnauba waxes, fine metallic powders and select pigments. This unique blend gives etched pieces a finish that no paint can duplicate!

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