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Etchall and Baking!


Etched Casserole Dish


Patricia Sepp
May 23, 2023

My daughter-in-law needs to eat gluten-free meals, so I made her this baking dish!

Summer and potlucks are very popular in many locations. Now she can bring her special recipes to share!

First, I took a toothpick test to make sure the glass could be etched. Some glass cookware doesn’t etch well. I also made sure this pan had a top cover (shown in red) for traveling.

I etched the glass pan on both long sides on the outside using Etchall® creme with the words, “Gluten Free Dish” and added the GF logo. (Since I wasn’t selling this, I thought it would be ok to add the logo). I used a silhouette machine and vinyl to make the design.

After both sides were finished being etched and cleaned, I etched the glass pan on the bottom outside with a reverse etched design so the inside of the pan was safe for cooking. It said, “This dish belongs to Carrie Sepp” and the GF logo.

She loves it and takes it to her all of her potluck gatherings.

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