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Want to etch a jar, mug, or other rounded object? Here’s how to use etchall® etching creme on round surfaces so that it doesn’t drip off or roll away!

1. To etch on rounded surfaces (such as jars, mugs, bowls, etc.) try to find objects that have as large a surface as possible where you are going to apply the stencil. Small areas call for small patterns.

🐝 Remember, you are working with a flat piece of vinyl. Test your sizing with a piece of paper the size of your pattern. If you can lay it on the curved surface and the pattern part is flat, it is a go!

2. After the pattern is applied, cut four strips of self-adhesive paper and form into a box around your pattern, creating a “well” that will hold your etchall® etching creme while it etches your container. Crimp corners of paper inward to make a bowl and position on “cushion” like surface to keep object from rolling.

3. After the 15 minute processing time pinch a corner of the paper to make a funnel and return crème back to the jar for re-use. Rinse and dry your object.

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