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Etched Bathroom Scales

As the holidays approach, we think of all the good food and treats that we enjoy with family and friends. Many of us hate to get on the scale and weigh ourselves. So my project this month has been to prepare us for “THAT” moment of stepping on that bathroom scale.

Autumn Blessings

Cover the area you are working at with plastic. For etching the bottom and top of the plates, clean the plates with soap and water and dry well with a lint free paper towel. To make sure there is no oil residue on the plate.

Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day arriving soon, here is a cute gift idea using small mason jars!
I used ½ pint Kerr’s mason jars. I removed the lids and cleaned the glass area with alcohol (to remove fingerprints, oil, etc.) where you will etch the words.

Outside the Box

About 5 years ago a friend from our church who did carpentry was working on remodeling a historic home in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The crew was going to toss out some old windows.

Why Etch It Of Course

My husband’s suggestion was to hang a curtain on the inside. My mind went to No, No, No. Then I would have spiders and spider webs to look at. I wanted this window to have a pretty design, but I also wanted it to hide what was inside the shed.

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