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etchall® dip ‘n etch

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etchall® dip ‘n etch is a re-usable etching liquid with the consistency of water. Use by "dipping" (submerging) glass objects to create an overall etched surface. Can be used with etchmask stencils and etchall® resist gel  to create beautiful designs.

  • Use on: glass, mirror, ceramic, porcelain, marble, or slate.
  • Re-usable: Yes
  • Disposal: Will not harm plumbing. Flush with plenty of water.
  • Caution: Will etch porcelain sinks and tubs. Neutralize with water and baking soda before disposing in porcelain or ceramic sinks.

NOTE: Because dip 'n etch requires submerging your project, the 4 oz size is for dipping jewelry and very small items only. To dip 'n etch larger items, try the 16 oz or 32 oz bottles.

If you have questions about what size to order for the project you have in mind, email us at orders@etchall.com or call 623-933-4567.

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