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Etched Shed Window

by Project by Patti DeRenzo

I love it when the weather is finally warm enough to pull out the backyard furniture and plant flowers. However, for years I have cringed every time I look at my shed window and see the folding chairs stacked on the shelf. Not a pretty sight. So, what’s a lady to do? “ Why etch it of course”!

My husband’s suggestion was to hang a curtain on the inside. My mind went to “No, No, No.” Then I would have spiders and spider webs to look at. I wanted this window to have a pretty design, but I also wanted it to hide what was inside the shed. So, I decided to let the design be clear and etch the rest of the window.  

The first thing you will want to do is measure the panes of glass and then cut pieces of tracing paper the exact size of the windowpanes. This way, you can play with your design and be sure of what you want. You may want to design your own pattern, but I decided to go through my stash of stencil designs and settled on a combination of two of them. The corners are from Tracey Moreau. Her web site is here.

The main design in the middle is from Deco Art ~ Brocade Motif; however, Tracy has many beautiful designs that would work just as well or even better. 

Run it through your “Brother Scan ‘n Cut” machine or whatever cutting machine you prefer. Once you have scanned your designs, apply the appropriate size etchall etchmask onto the cutting matt and run it through the machine on cut mode. I recommend using only etchmask for a mistake proof window.

Once you have cut out your entire design find the center point of your window and work outward from there. You can also place you traced design on the other side of the window and use that for reference points.  Once you have the etchall etchmask secure on the window, use the etchall squeegee and rub it over each design area to make sure there are no air bubbles and all the edges are secure.  Now pour etchall etching crème onto a waxed pallet and using the etchall squeegee gently smooth the crème over the entire window make sure you don’t miss any spots.  

Allow to sit for 15 minutes. Using your squeegee very gently remove the etchall etching crème and return it to the original container. I then used a garden hose to hose down the entire window making sure that none of the etching crème remained. Now gently remove the yellow etchmask stencil. Enjoy your beautiful custom etched windows.

Items you will need for this project:

B & B Products, Inc
etchall squeegee
etchall etchmask
etchall etching crème

Other Supplies Needed:
Tracing paper
Sharpie pen
Ruler or tape measure
Stencil or design of choice
Painters tape
Brother Scan N Cut Machine (or)
Other cutting machine of choice
Scan matt
Cut Matt
Water source (garden hose)
Paper towels


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