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🍶 Do not store etchall® in different container. By law, etchall® must have the original formulation label at all times.

🌡️ Store etchall® etching crème and dip ‘n etch in 65-85°F (18-30°C) temperatures.

🍫 Crème will darken with age or exposure to heat, from white to caramel to chocolate brown to black. The color of the product does not affect usability or performance; dark etchall® is still good etchall®!

🍯 etchall® is a “honey” of a crème, and temperatures below 65°F (18°C) may cause the crème and dip to form crystals similar to what you’d see in a honey jar. Don’t strain these crystals! What would come out is a very important chemical needed for the etching process.

🍳 If crystals are present, heat some water and place the closed container in it for several minutes, then stir with a plastic utensil until crystals dissolve. (Do not put the plastic bottle directly on a hot stove! Remove the pan of water from the stove before placing your jar in the hot water.)

⚠️ NEVER heat etchall® in a microwave.

💧 Crème will thicken and gel over time. Try the warming method above to make it more spreadable. If not, it will have to be discarded.

🚫 Do not try to thin the crème. Water and other liquids will ruin the product.

🚫 Do not mix old and new etchall® crème or dip. This will weaken the new product.

⏳ Even though etchall® is re-usable, it will not last forever. After repeated use and exposure to the elements, it will lose its potency and need to be discarded. Lifespan varies depending on frequency of use and environment. If you are regularly using the products, we recommend that you replace your bottle yearly. Dispose of etchall® by nullifying with baking soda and water, then throw away.