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Thankful & Blessed

“Thankful & Blessed” Glass Block


Patricia Sepp
October 10, 2022

We have so much to be thankful for in our lives! Sometimes we are just too darn busy to realize our blessings surround us every day. Nature, family, friends, health, etc. may be our unnoticed blessings. I love the glass blocks that can be decorated in so many different ways! For this project, I focused on Fall – the beautiful colors of the leaves, fall ribbons, tiny lights, and a fall pumpkin.

Here are the steps I used

Step 1

First, I cleaned the front glass area with rubbing alcohol and taped off the areas with yellow vinyl where I didn’t want it etched.

Step 2

Then I applied the Etch-all® Creme and let it set for 15 minutes.

Step 3

After that time I placed the creme back into the jar.

Step 4

Then I washed the etched area and removed the vinyl.

Step 5

I found a font that said, “Thankful & Blessed” in Silhouette and cut out the design. Once the block was completed, I applied the design. With a pic tool, I removed the centers of the fonts. In the #6 photo, it was partly done.

Step 6

Finally, the block was decorated with fall items: ribbon and leaves. I put the small pumpkin lights inside the block, but they did not show well. I then substituted some orange tissue paper inside to give it a orange glow and put the lights in the front of the glass block with an extra pumpkin to the right side. One photo shows the lights on and the other with the lights off.

Step 7

I temporarily attached the ribbon and leaves, so once Fall was done I could remove this and redecorate the block with another theme that made me feel “Thankful and Blessed”!

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