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etchall® etching creme


etchall® etching crème

etchall---greenetchall® etching crème is a re-usable crème that produces a white opaque, permanent etched finish on glass, mirror, ceramic, porcelain, marble and slate. The Art and Craft Material Institute has approved etchall® etching creme to be used by children 12 years and older, children under 12 years can use etchall under the supervision of their More Info »
Price: from $19.99
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etchall® dip 'n etch


etchall® dip ‘n etch

etchall-DipNEtch-ALLetchall® Dip ‘n Etch is a re-usable liquid, the consistency of water, that creates a beautiful matte etched finish to glass or mirror. It's easy to use and only takes 15 minutes. Etchall etchmask and etchall® resist gel can both be used with dip ‘n etch to create beautiful designs. Use dip ‘n etch for More Info »
Price: from $21.99
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etchall® etchmask transfer sheet

transfersheetsetchmask™ transfer sheets are a high-tack paper used to keep the pieces of the stencil together when applying to a surface. After cutting the design on etchmask with the digital cutter, place transfer sheet on top of etchmask. This allows for the cut pieces to stay together. Create your own etching stencils using etchall etchmask More Info »
Price: $19.99

etchall® etchmask Stencil ComboPak

combopaketchall® etchmask is a glossy adhesive vinyl used for creating stencils for use with etchall® etching crème and etchall® dip ‘n etch! The etchmask™ transfer sheets are a high-tack paper used to keep the pieces of the stencil together when applying to a surface. This special pack combines both! Set includes: (4) 9” x 15” More Info »
Price: $19.99

etchall® etchmask

etchmasketchall® etchmask is a glossy adhesive vinyl used when creating stencils. It adheres to glass surfaces preventing etchall etching crème or etchall dip 'n etch to slide underneath. This gives sharp lines and a smooth finish to the design. When using etchmask to cut your own stencil designs, please see our instructions for etchmask. Etchmask More Info »
Price: from $19.99
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Resist Gel


etchall® Resist Gel

resistgeletchall® resist gel is a water-based gel that enables you to create your own unique designs without using a stencil. etchall® resist gel forms a protective barrier against etchall® etching crème or etchall® dip ‘n etch. This barrier acts as a resist preventing the surface from being etched. etchall resist can be squeezed directly from More Info »
Price: $13.99




goldoffGoldoff® has been used with ceramics since 1933 to remove purple stains from fired ceramics. Goldoff is perfect for removing fired gold, purple stains, fired lusters, mother of pearl, fired platinum, china paint, and fired palladium. Simply pour a small amount onto a cloth and rub onto your fired ceramic piece as if you were More Info »
Price: $9.99



etchall® Tweezers

tweezersEtchall tweezers are ideal for use in conjunction with etchall stencil pick knife and etchall detail pick tool. Use etchall tweezers to pull up small detailed pieces of a stencil or use to keep stencils down in intricate picking areas while pulling up fine details.
Price: $4.99

etchall® Swivel Knife Replacement Blades (pack of 2)

etchall - swivel blade replacmentsPack of Replacement Blades (2) for etchall Swivel Knife.
Price: $2.99

etchall® Swivel Knife

13003The etchall swivel knife has a blade that rotates 360° allowing you to easily cut out stencils from etchall etchmask or any self-adhesive paper or vinyl. The etchall swivel knife makes it easy to cut curves, circles, and round shapes within a stencil pattern. By using an etchall swivel knife, you ensure that your stencil More Info »
Price: $8.99

etchall® Stencil Cut/Pick Knife

swivel-knifeThe etchall stencil cut/pick knife is used to remove a portion of the stencil in order to expose the surface to be etched. This process is known as picking or weeding because you selectively remove sections of the stencil. This knife can also be used to cut a stencil or remove small areas left when More Info »
Price: $3.99

etchall® Squeegee

13001The etchall squeegee is a flexible T-shaped plastic tool used to apply etchall etchmask or pre-cut adhesive stencils to glass or mirror. Once the stencil is in place, the squeegee is perfect for removing air bubbles. ALSO use the etchall squeegee to apply and smooth etchall etching crème across the surface to be etched. The More Info »
Price: $3.99

etchall® Knife Combo

knife comboThe etchall® knife combo contains: stencil cut/pick knife etchall swivel knife 2 swivel knife replacement blades All the great etchall® stencil tools combined in a plastic carrying case.
Price: $14.99

etchall® Detail Pick Tool

stylisThe etchall Detail Pick Tool is a metal instrument with a small thin needle tip used for removing small intricate and hard to reach areas of your stencil; especially helpful for stencil letters and works for larger areas as well.
Price: $4.99

etchall® Designer Tip Kit

WEB-etchall designer tip kit 1200x1200The etchall® Designer Tip Kit includes: three tips (small, medium, large) two empty 1 oz bottle two caps and locks The etchall® designer tips can be used with etchall® etching crème and etchall® resist gel. Fill one of the bottles with either the etchall® resist or etchall® etching crème, attach an adapter cap, choose your More Info »
Price: $10.99



The Weekend Crafter: Etching Glass

web-weekend-crafter-bookThe Weekend Crafter: Etching Glass showcases 20 simple, elegant projects to etch with easy-to-use creams and liquids written by Paige Gilchrist and Diana Light. Achieve the elegance of etched glass without using harsh chemicals or complicated blasting techniques...and do it in just a weekend! Learn about all of the new, readily available products...such as etching More Info »
Price: $14.99

Etching to Paint

web-etching-to-paint-bookEtching to Paint showcases 36 painting projects on etched glass featuring Sharyn Binam, Gerry Klein, Annie Lang, Carol Mays, Susan Pisoni, Debbie Toews, Gigi Wright, and Jean Zawicki. Featuring: Complete instructions on how to use etchall etching crème, etchall dip 'n etch and how to etch on round surfaces. Full size patterns and complete painting More Info »
Price: $12.99

Decorate Your Favorite Glass Objects with a Personal Touch!

web---angoonWritten by Noriko Tsukada, director of “Outside In”, a home decoration workshop in Kamakur, Japan that offers a total planning in home decoration and innovative lifestyles. Noriko is also a glass etching and stencil designer, product planner and instructor. The book is written in Japanese; it comes with  complete translation pages. Excellent ideas, complete how-to More Info »
Price: $8.99

A Garden of Glassware

web-jlie-m-bookBring beauty to your tabletop with hand painted blossoms and bows. For alfresco dining indoors, let Julie McGuffee show you how to paint inviting floral designs on plates, glasses, tumblers, pitchers, candle holders, and more. Features: Full-size patterns, 33 colored pages, and paint stroke worksheets.
Price: $12.99
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